Arranging a Funeral

Our funeral directors will assist in creating a tailored funeral service to fit your families needs and wants.

Let our Family care for Yours

There are many permutations when deciding on the type of funeral required. It is our view that every family’s requirements are personal, individual and it is our responsibility to provide them with whatever they need. Below are some things to take into consideration when reviewing your options:


If burial is chosen there are a few options for the location of the service,

it can be held in our Hall of Remembrance which can be customised by the family propr to the service with phonots, flowers and electric candles, and when the weather is fine, we can offer families an exclusive outside service on our paved sun terrace overlooking our lovely pond. A service either inside or outside at Herongate wood can be accompanied by music chosen by the family so they can pick songs that best reflect their loved ones life.

or there is the option of a place of worship.

After the service, your loved one is transferred with care and dignity, to their final resting place in a pre-selected burial plot at Herongate Wood via a traditional, hand-drawn bier for the final committal. Once the committal has been completed, our cemetery staff will complete the burial plot.


Cremation service held at Herongate Wood.

With the service being held in Herongate Woods Service Hall there is an opportunity for the family to customise the hall prior to the service with photos, flowers, and electric candles. Your loved one is transported to Herongate Wood in your choice of vehicle and placed into the hall by the bearers. With a service at Herongate Wood we have a full music system so the family can choose music to play throughout that suits the life of their loved one. After the service, the coffin is place back into the vehicle and can then be taken to either the crematorium where the family can also attend or back into care with us to have a private unattended cremation in the following days.


An unattended direct cremation

By having an unattended direct cremation for your loved one there is no service or witnessing of the cremation at the crematorium. It is a simple funeral where they are looked after in our care until the date of the cremation. They are either collected or we take them to the crematorium where a very quiet goodbye is said by the crematorium staff. We then collect the ashes for you, and you are free to decide the next step for the ashes whether that be an ashes burial, scattering or long-term storage in an ashes urn at your home.


Cremation service followed by a private cremation.

A cremation service is held at Herongate Wood, a place of worship or another service hall, with your loved one. After the service they will be taken back into our care and looked after until the day of the private cremation. This is a quiet service with no attendees just a send-off by the crematorium staff. We will collect the ashes and then hold them for you until you decide the next steps. Some families plan both the cremation service and then the ashes internment or scattering at the same time with their funeral director.


A cremation followed by a full service with the ashes -A Back to Front.

What we call a private unattended cremation follow by a service with the ashes is a back to front. For some people seeing the coffin is too much to bare so we offer the option of having the ashes urn instead of the coffin at the front of the service hall. The full funeral service can then be followed by either a burial, scattering or the return of the ashes to your care for long-term storage in your home.


There are many options for what to do with your loved one’s ashes after a cremation.

At Herongate Wood we can help to arrange:

Ashes burials- an ashes burial can have either a small grave side or a full service in our service hall the ashes can then be buried at Herongate Wood or another cemetery.

Ashes scatterings- we can hold a small peaceful service and ashes scattering at Herongate Wood so your loved one can join nature.

Ashes storage- we can help you find the perfect urn or casket for the long-term storage of ashes within your home. We work closely with many urn and casket companies.

We can arrange an ashes service even if we weren’t the original funeral director.

Types of coffin

We offer a wide range of coffins.

These including English or European grown Willow,

Eco Woven Coffins made from many different sustainable materials,

woollen made from soft sheep’s wool,

painted woven or traditional wood coffin in any colour,

colourful coffin which can be customised with any images or designs,

our most budget and eco conscious option of cardboard

as well as the more traditional veneers and solid wood coffins.  

We can also offer the choice of matching ashes caskets. So, your loved ones personality can be carried throughout the funeral.

Funeral vehicles

The choice of vehicles for the funeral is entirely a personal preference. Many families choose to have a hearse and at least one limousine, catering for travel of the immediate family. But there are many choices for which style of hearse is chosen.

Some options include:

The options are truly endless, and we are here to help find the right choice for your family.